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Get inspired and activated

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NECXT people and organisations to realise successful transformations and long term improvements.

We believe in the power of purpose, as the basis for a sustainable change.

We believe in the power of purpose, and highly engaged employees as the basis for a sustainable change.





We believe that to drive change you have to inspire change. Capturing the hearts and minds of your people will make them your change agents - that will help your organisation move ahead and respond in an agile manner to the current challenges. The result: more impact, faster.

NECXT offers in-person and virtual inspiration tours and other interventions to get organisations inspired and focused, including:

Inspiration Tours
Team Engagement Workshops
CX & Agile Masterclasses
Purpose Development Workshops

Find out more about our full range of Inspiration services:

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You are the master of your own change. We are the facilitators that help you get there. We activate your people to design and drive new customer-centric ways of working. With creative approaches and liberating structures to engage your team and keep your initiatives on track.

NECXT offers a range of services to engage, transform and deliver change - in co-creation with your people:

Customer Strategy Articulation
Customer Journey & Operating Model Design
CX Transformation 

We use Agile Principles and Design Thinking as the basis of all our work.

Find out more about our full range of Activation services:



We love to inspire - in whichever way we can. With personal stories from business leaders and artists. And with practical cases from some of the most inspiring companies in the world.

We engage with you in many different ways. As facilitators, as coaches or as business experts.
As we believe in active learning, we use engaging exercises and make teams work together in a playful way, often with unexpected outcomes.

We love to work face-to-face - but we are equally adept at creating effective interaction in the virtual world.

And: no boilerplate solutions. Whatever we do, we co-create with you.

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We are NECXT. A network of enthusiastic new style navigators with extensive experience in large organisations. Global reach. Strong roots in customer experience, marketing, sales and service. A proven track-record of facilitating and driving change. People minded. Fun to work with. And looking forward to getting to know you.



We focus on larger organisations. Our track record includes engagements with the following companies:



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