Samples of our work

We are supporting and have supported a range of larger organisations - in inspiring and engaging leaders and employees; in providing structure, education and coaching during a transformation process; and in designing customer journeys, new customer centric ways of working, and new ways of defining success.

Some examples of our work:

dmi wit

De Monchy International

TASK: Help transform DMI into a Customer Centric organisation.

CHALLENGE: How to engage both leadership and employees in a practical transformation approach?

APPROACH: Started developing the WHY (Purpose) using the scientific 23PlusOne method. Used that as a North Star for all improvements. Set up a highly interactive and engaging CX Academy for all global based employees & leadership - with engaging workshop designs, the CX Game and many other interventions. Co-creation of most important customer- and employee journeys. Facilitated the implementation of a new daily way of working (including standups and other regular team sessions, as well as refresher  sessions with leadership and workforce).

RESULT: High level of team engagement. CX implemented as the way of working. Customers recognize DMI as 'white raven' in very competitive market. Double digit growth for 5 years on row.

logo Roche wit


TASK: Inspire for change, help design new ways of working and facilitate pragmatic steps in transforming the organisation. 

CHALLENGE: A large and complex organisation, on a mission towards delivering better patient outcomes, faster - driving towards an agile way of working.

APPROACH: Deliver large scale inspiration tours for an international workforce on all leadership and employee levels. Inspire first, then co-create on culture specific agile tools, techniques & workforms. Agile coaching & leadership transformation coaching and design. Developing new ways of working and new ways of measuring success. Recurring coaching sessions to implement way of working.

RESULT: More clarity on purpose translated into behaviour. More focus on patients. Boosted employee engagement and belief in new ways of working.

dhl wit


TASK: Train & engage a whole business unit in Customer Experience.

CHALLENGE: Strengthen customer relations during ‘being a customer’. 

APPROACH: Started with a 360 degree CX Site Scan. Developed and implemented a new active style of CX Academy for all branches and teams - in several steps over a 5 year period.

RESULT: Rise in employee engagement. Established NPS as part of goal setting. Customer journeys re-designed, driving better customer relations.

Alliance wit


TASK: Improve customer awareness within the organisation.

CHALLENGE: How to involve partners in this journey?

APPROACH: Organising CX masterclass roadshows; design and execution of the Allianz CX Academy; and setting up customer 'arenas' to continuously listen to the voice of the customer.

RESULT: Improvement of customer focus, significant rise in employee engagement and smoother customer processes


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