Nils Schmeling

Founder & Partner

His role at NECXT

Nils inspires and coaches leaders and teams with a focus on customer experience, purpose-driven change and transformations. He guides the step from inspiration to innovation, via agile to design thinking methods, innovative and energizing. His years of experience in transforming large organizations worldwide makes him an all-round consultant who can make a difference. In addition to his work at NECXT, Nils is amongst others core teacher Customer Excellence at the Beeckestijn Business School.

And besides his work…

… Nils plays hockey in The Hague and likes to travel to England. With a preference for hiking with friends and clientele teams travel through the English countryside for inspiration and eventually landing in a delightful country pub.

CX means to me…

"Connecting customers with the most inspiring experts and organizations in the world. By experiencing, feeling and learning from the best cases first hand and thereby discovering new possibilities. In addition, facilitating the translation of new insights into tangible innovations and approaches for organizations and better ways of working translated into enthusiastic mindsets and practical steps for leaders and employees."

Necxt Team Members are:

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