Masterclass Innovatie

Give your organization a boost with an inspiration tour

Innovation is one of the spearheads of many organizations. However, the continued stimulation and realization of innovation is a challenge. Does your organization need an innovation boost?

Go for a masterclass in innovation and provide your employees with inspiration and new energy. They then act as a source of inspiration and catalyst for innovation throughout the organization.

The power of innovation

Organizations in which creativity is stimulated and in which room is offered to make mistakes, achieve more innovative results. In such a corporate culture, there is a lot of experimentation so that you can learn from mistakes. Many employees find this a nice environment to work in. They are encouraged to come up with new ideas and try them out.

An innovative culture therefore seems to be the recipe for a successful organization. However, it is difficult to innovate permanently and to maintain such a culture. The majority of organizations that were in the top 50 of innovative organizations in the past 14 years were only there 1, 2 or 3 times out of 14 times.

Innovation does not come by itself. Beaten paths and patterns can unconsciously hinder creativity, and a lack of discipline can lead to experiments from which there is hardly any learning. In addition to freedom, creativity and experimentation also require discipline and management.

Driving innovation

Innovation is essential in today's world where changes follow each other in rapid succession. The most innovative organizations deliver17 percentage points more return to shareholders than an average company in the market.

A masterclass innovation gives your organization a crucial boost when creativity is lost. In an innovation workshop, new tools are provided that help employees to think out-of-the-box. This way you create that one new product or that innovative way of working together that transforms your organization into a changemaker.

Our masterclass innovation

What does your organization need to stay innovative? If you opt for an innovation workshop, we will look together at what your employees need. Thanks to more than 10 years of experience, we can organize a masterclass innovation with an innovation strategist who perfectly matches the goals and wishes of your organization!

Thanks to our global network, we know various inspiring speakers and innovative organizations that help your organization to take the next step.

We offer the unique opportunity to look at the most innovative organizations in the world. Organizations that preceded you visited, for example, Google, Microsoft, Walt Disney, and Port of Rotterdam.

An innovation workshop can be organized in different forms. As you are used to from us, we design the masterclass together. Do you opt for a masterclass from that one innovation strategist, a virtual inspiration tour, or something else? Depending on the needs of your organization, we offer a masterclass innovation where employees come home full of inspiration.

Inspire your employees with a masterclass in innovation

Are you one of the most innovative organizations in your industry? A masterclass in innovation provides your employees with a good portion of inspiration to come up with innovative ideas. Not quite convinced yet? An innovative culture does not only contribute to new ideas, but also leads to higher employee satisfaction (Here is a link to page 'Team Engagement Workshop'. In this way, this inspiration tour contributes to achieving organization wide KPIs.

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