Customer Strategy

A new perspective on engagement with our customer engagement workshop

How do you create a strong customer strategy? By focusing on customer engagement. This quickly requires redefining the strategy and reflecting on the level of engagement during the entire customer journey.

Wondering how your organization can get started with this? During our customer engagement workshop, you will develop a holistic strategy that takes the involvement of your customers to a higher level.

The importance of customer engagement

Every interaction with customers leaves animpression of the organization. Every individual interaction is therefore an opportunity to create engagement. During every contact moment you can show what you stand for as an organization and how you can help a potential customer, but that you understand what that customer is doing at that moment. In short: every interaction counts.

With the right customer strategy, you ensure that every interaction contributes to creating the image that you want to radiate as an organization, so that the engagement can be maximized. Engagement is a key driver of organizational profitability: a high level of engagement can lead to as many as 22% more cross-sells and 38% more up-sells.

Develop a holistic customer strategy

Consistency ensures a strong customer engagement strategy. When someone sees your marketing communications and later comes into contact with customer service, it is essential that these contact moments leave a similar impression of the organization. However, many organizations find this a challenge. Which values are important in your organization and how do you integrate them into the entire customer strategy? In our customer engagement workshop, we help you on your way.

Then you will see that the engagement increases. The most engaged customers can even act as brand ambassadors. Because of their long-term positive relationship with the organization, they express themselves positively about the organization: one of the most effective forms of marketing.

What does a customer engagement workshop look like?

Want to get started with the customer strategy in your organization? We help you develop a holistic engagement strategy that takes the organization to the next level. In our practical customer engagement workshop, you will work on redefining the customer strategy from four perspectives: organizational goals, leadership, employees, and customers.

These four perspectives are essential for establishing a strong customer engagement strategy. For example, the marketing team can draw up an ambitious strategy, but without the involvement and commitment of all the co-workers, it is difficult to implement it effectively.

In addition, it is important to put in the shoes of customers when designing a holistic strategy. Which customer journey (link to page Customer Journey Design) are they going through and how can you increase engagement in each of these steps? By actively involving them in this, you prevent important aspects from being overlooked.

Finally, when drawing up a consistent customer strategy, the organizational goals must also be considered. You can draw up a wonderful strategy, but if this leads to an appearance of your organization that does not fit its goals, vision, and mission, then the desired effect will not be achieved.

By actively involving leadership, as organizational goals, as employees, as customers in drawing up a holistic strategy, the organization will be more successful in realizing CE: customer engagement.

Give your organization a boost in CE: customer engagement

Get started with the customer strategy of your organization with the help of our customer engagement workshop! We help you to draw up a holistic strategy in which the four perspectives are integrated. Thanks to the practical tools that are provided, you develop a customer strategy together in which leadership, employees and customers are actively involved.

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