We help you take the next step in customer experience

There is a reason for 'CX' in our name. NECXT's mission is to help organizations take the next step in innovating their Customer Experience.

Based on our belief that companies more attractive to their customers perform intrinsically better in terms of profitability, attractiveness as an employer and social value.

We therefore offer a wide range of events and interventions to inspire and help change an organisation. Focused on renewing the customer experience, and on the associated themes of leadership, employee engagement, and innovation.

Together with you, we look at the needs and challenges of your organization and design the approach that best suits them.

Below you will find an overview of our most requested services.

Get Inspired

We strongly believe in the power of inspiration as a basis for innovation and growth of people and organizations. That's why many of our projects start with inspiration, with speakers and companies from our global network – as a theme for our inspiration trips, or as part of team kick-offs or team engagement programs.

In addition, we organize inspiring master classes on themes such as Customer Experience (CX) and customer-oriented Innovation – for leaders and employees who want to go a step deeper.

CX Inspiration Tours en Events

Be inspired and discover new insights

Inspiration can be found in places that you normally don't get to see. That's why we organise inspiration trips and interactive virtual inspiration events, with exciting speakers from our global network, and with the most customer-oriented and innovative organisations from all over the world.
In doing so, we address themes such as: CX management, CX culture, customer insights, digital customer engagement, innovation, agile, employee engagement, community engagement, inclusion & diversity, and CX leadership.

Team kick-offs and team engagement events

Inspire teams and create movement

New teams coming together, or existing teams with a new mission – the power of inspiration brings people together, creates focus and enthusiasm and makes the organization more successful.

We organize and facilitate team events, with the aim of inspiring teams and people, letting them discover what they stand for together, and to let them work together. A combination of inspiration sessions, team workshops, creative interludes, and fun – the feedback we receive from our customers is without exception very positive.

We always develop our events in co-creation with you. We work both physically and online and have extensive experience with both local teams and management teams around the world, and with groups between 5 and 200 people.


Motivate your people with a knowledge boost

For people who want to take a deep dive, brush up on their knowledge or want to get started with more cases, we organize thematic master classes. Practical, to-the-point, and directly applicable in your own practice.

CX Masterclass

Does customer focus in your organization get the attention it deserves? Customers are the reason your organization exists. Their experience of your product or service should therefore be central. Our CX masterclass will help you find or sharpen this focus on customer focus.

Masterclass Innovatie

Organizations in which creativity is stimulated and in which room is offered to make mistakes, achieve more innovative results. In such a corporate culture, there is a lot of experimentation so that you can learn from mistakes. Many employees find this a nice environment to work in. They are encouraged to come up with new ideas and try them out.

Get it done

Formulating a plan. Designing new customer journeys and your customer-oriented operating model. And the targeted construction of its realization. As an organization, you can do that yourself. In fact, building more customer focus with your own people leads to better and longer-lasting results than if you outsource everything. But how do you determine the direction? How do you avoid the pitfalls in your path? And how do you get your organization on board? In that case it is nice to work together with a seasoned navigator who helps you set the course and stay on course.

This can be done, for example, in the form of boardroom advice, workshop facilitation, project coaching or project management, or executive coaching.

Below are some examples of our work:


Common goals and values define your cultur

"Start with WHY" wrote Simon Sinek – and in our experience this question is often skipped. We help our clients to formulate a joint answer to this question, through targeted workshops or (team) coaching sessions.

CX Strategy

Success follows the clarity of your strategy

Every interaction with customers leaves an impression of the organization. Every individual interaction is therefore an opportunity to create engagement. During every contact moment you can show what you stand for as an organization and how you can help a potential customer, because you understand what that customer is doing at that moment. In short: every interaction counts.

CX Transformation

Energy in the right direction

We have a lot of hands-on experience with improving the Customer Experience in organizations. Based on the principle that we do not take over the work, but want to facilitate the organization from its own strength to realize the desired change, we help you:

- articulate the vision for the future,
- to shape and manage the organisation of change,
- design and roll out new services and new customer journeys,
- involve employees and management in the change, and
- keep your finger on the pulse of progress.

This can be in the form of specific short-term interventions, or in the guidance of a complete improvement process.

Customer Journey Design

Mapping the customer journey in a targeted way

The optimization of the customer experience requires attention to the different customer journey phases and touchpoints, both offline and online. In our masterclass customer journey design, you start with mapping the customer journey. Based on this data, we then together provide insight into where the biggest points for improvement lie.

Innovation with Design Thinking

Innovate together with your customer

Design thinking is the most important tool in accelerating customer-oriented innovation. Through targeted workshops we train employees and management in understanding and being able to use design thinking, or we coach the organization in applying and rolling out design thinking in practice.

Stakeholder Engagement Management

Your customers and the communities you work for determine your success

In the successful realization of change and innovation, many internal and external stakeholders are involved. Externally, we look at customers, communities or entire ecosystems, mapping stakeholder insights and helping to shape stakeholder management at a strategic and tactical level. We also have a lot of experience in guiding internal change processes.

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