Customer Journey Design

Mapping the customer journey in a targeted way

How do you create a customer journey that perfectly matches the needs and expectations of customers? Discover how you can optimize your customer journey and take the customer experience to the next level.

The optimization of customer experience requires attention to the different customer journey phases and touchpoints, both offline and online. In our masterclass customer journey design, you start with mapping the customer journey. Based on this data, we then make clear where the biggest points for improvement are.

Design a strong customer journey

Get started with your customer experience by taking a closer look at the customer journey. In our workshop we start with mapping the current customer journey. For this we look at the current experiences of customers and the customer journey touchpoints on which employees are currently focusing.

By means of our modern visualization tools, the different customer journey phases are clearly mapped. Then you get to work practically on optimizing the customer journey, where we provide you with well-founded principles that have proven their success. This way you can be confident that the new design of your customer journey leads to an optimized customer experience.

The importance of data for customer journeys

What are the most important customer journey touchpoints for your customer experience? Although this is a challenge for many organizations, it is essential to visualize both the different customer journey phases and the entire customer journey. This way you can respond to the ever-changing needs in society.

When you recognize these changes and the needs of customers, but you fail to map the changed customer journey, it is a missed opportunity to shape the optimal customer experience. The customer journey is the perfect way to optimize the customer experience. It is therefore important that it is up to date, to achieve the best results for your organization.

In designing a strong customer journey, data has a major role to play. Where surveys provide data about, for example, the satisfaction of a purchase at one time, data from different sources can help map the entire customer journey. This gives you insight into the role that each of the customer journey touchpoints plays in realizing the customer experience.

Which aspects contribute most to the satisfaction and involvement of your customers? And in which of the customer journey phases are the biggest opportunities to improve this even further? Our master class customer journey design helps youmap the customer journey to discover this. Companies that realize improvements in the customer journey typically achieve 10 to 15 percent higher revenue while reducing the cost of serving customers by 15 to 20 percent.

An omnichannel customer journey

Today, the omnichannel experience of customers is one of the most important focus points of marketing teams in organizations. This again emphasizes the importance of data: how often do your customers switch channels? What activities do they undertake on which channel? But also: how much time is there between these customer journey touchpoints?

When you have insight into this, you can optimize the customer journey based on this omnichannel data. Does a potential customer walk past your store? Send a push notification with an exclusive discount. By aligning the omnichannel customer journey touch points, you can improve the experience throughout the entire customer journey.

An additional advantage is that a strong omnichannel customer journey ensures that potentialcustomers also feel a personal touch online. Although they encounter the organization digitally, the personalized offer ensures a strong customer experience.

What about your offline and online customer journey on the different channels? In our masterclass customer journey design, we are happy to help you create a customer journey that takes your organization to a higher level.

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