Purpose Development Workshop

Determine the core values of your organizational culture!

How do successful organizations differ from others? They have an authentic organizational culture, a high degree of mutual trust and a strong set of core values. And more importantly, they live up to these values in every situation.

How do you realizean organization in which vision, mission, strategy, and behavior are a coherent whole? This requires a focus on organizational culture. Our Purpose Development Workshop can help you with that.

The importance of organizational culture

Organizational culture is the driving force behind a successful organization. This distinguishes your organization from others. More and more employees weigh the organizational culture heavily when choosing an employer. Not only the functional aspects, but also the socialaspects ofwork, such as culture and core values, determine the extent to which people feel at home.

When employees feel at home in the organization and the culture pleasant to work in, they will gladly stay with the organization for a longtime. This way you retain and find the right employees!

A strong culture also contributes to organizational growth and profit. Employees experience a high degree of psychological safety that allows them to get the best out of themselves. Their happiness at workmake them more productive, which is reflected in growth and profit.

What about the culture in your organization? Is there a coherent vision, mission, strategy based on the right core values? And do employees experience this as well?

Determining core values: how do you do that?

One of the first and most important steps towards a strong organizational culture is to determine the core values. The core values are, as it were, the deeper layer underneath the visible elements such as behaviour and processes within anorganisation. Whether you are just starting to determine the core values, or you have already determined them before, but they can use a refresh: in our Purpose Development Workshop we will help you with this.

In this strategic session we will look together for theWHY and HOW of the organization. Determining core values is part of the HOW: how do you want to achieve your goals? What do you find important and which values should be leading in every choice?

Vision, mission, strategy

The core values of the culture arethe basis for the vision, mission, strategy, in short: the goal of your organization. They act as a compass for choices that are made, both on a strategic level and in everyday activities.

When these elements of organizational cultureare aligned, the power of culture becomes visible. The strategy reinforces the core values of the organization. Living out these values in turn contributes to a clear vision. Instead of capturing core values that then only remain within the walls of the executive office, the culture becomes truly part of the organization.

Through the mission, vision, strategy and living out the core values, the organizational culture becomes visible, and you involve all employees in this. This way you increase the connection between them, which leads to more happiness at work in the organization.

Start focusing on culture

How do you ensure that your organization realizes a strong organizational culture? In our Purpose Development Workshop, we help you to focus on culture be it for the first time or as a second opinion. In doing so, we use practical, but scientifically based, methods so that you can confidently get started with determining your core values and strengthening your organizational culture.

(Re)finding a clear goal helps to maintain the focus on culture and to comply with the core values organization-wide. Customers will recognize this and have a more positive experience with your product or service.

Do you also determine your core values with which you realize a strong organizational culture that fuels the success of your organization?

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