Team Engagement Workshop

Grow your employee engagement

Realizing an extraordinary customer experience starts with engaged employees. A successful organization therefore not only pays attention to customer satisfaction, but also to employee engagement and employee satisfaction. If the organization takes care of its employees, they then take care of the customers.

You can pull out everything on a team day: the most beautiful location, endless presentations, the best catering, and an extensive drink. But if employees are only present and not involved, the effects are limited.

A Team Engagement Workshop helps to realize a team day that contributes to higher employee engagement and inspires and motivates teams to get the best out of themselves. This applies to both employees and leadership teams.

A workshop to increase the engagement of your teams

Start building employee engagement today. It makes employees more enthusiastic, teams more productive and therefore the organization more successful. If you want committed and inspired employees, you will have to structurally give them the feeling that they are seen and are important. While you don't achieve this with a one-time activity, a team day can give employee engagement an essential boost that has a lasting impact on employee engagement.

We are happy to help you organize a team day that boosts team engagement within your organization and that employees will talk about for a long time. Our Team Engagement Workshops tastes like more. Think of dynamic days with serious and fun moments, Lego Serious Play parts, inspiring collaborations, inspiring moments, and cases that are interesting for each participant and are tailor-made for every group size. From three hours to three days - we'll come up with it together, with your goals in mind.

The importance of employee engagement

Employee engagement – also known as employee engagement – is best explained as the (emotional) connection that employees have with their work, the organization, and its mission. Committed employees are motivated and passionate to work for the organization.

Employee engagement often goes hand in hand with a lot of trust within the organization. This makes employees feel safe and seen. Moreover, they experience that they do meaningful work.

Team engagement

Is there a high level of employee engagement in your organization? Then teams are also involved with each other and with the organization. A high team commitment ensures that people like to come to your organization and continue to work. On top of that, these teams are more productive and succeed better at their work. In this way, employee engagement also contributes to faster organizational growth.

On the other hand, low employee engagement leads to more absenteeism and errors in work that is done. This in turn leads to lower profitability and job growth. A Team Engagement workshop can therefore be of great value to your organization.

Characteristics of organizations with high team engagement include equality and a good work-life balance. When managers ensure that every employee feels seen, employees feel that they have the same opportunities and equality prevails. This leads to teams where employees stimulate each other and make each other better at their work. This allows teams to work together successfully and achieve more than the sum of individual employees.

In addition, attention to a healthy work-life balance of employees is more relevant than ever. That makes it an important factor in the labor market. In teams with high engagement, there is a healthy balance and flexibility towards the private lives of employees. More and more employees are paying attention to the extent to which work is meaningful

Boost team engagement in your organization with the NECXT approach

Team Engagement Workshops are shared positive experiences that give employees new energy. More than 98% of our participants are particularly enthusiastic about our events and the results. We are happy to tell you more about the NECXT approach.

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