Innovation Management and Design Thinking

Create more value with the design thinking method

Looking for ways to stimulate innovation within your organization? The innovative design thinking method offers your employees the right tools to come up with innovative ideas in a unique way.

Curious how that works? Experience it for yourself in our innovation management and design thinking workshop. We like to design these together so that your organization is given the right tools and discovers the best applications through an interactive approach.

Innovation management and design thinking

Do you want to give the innovation process in your organization a boost or perhaps completely overhaul it? Then consider implementing design thinking. In our innovation management and design thinking workshop you will experience the benefits of design thinking yourself.

One of the biggest advantages of design thinking is the occurrence of biases, which every person suffers from. Through in-depth research, innovators step into the shoes of end users and experience the customer experience themselves. This allows them to set aside their own perspective and recognize needs those customers themselves had not yet identified. Design thinking thus improves the imagination within the organization, so that creativity and innovation are stimulated.

Another important aspect of innovation management and design thinking is the role of prototypes. When ideas are just born, they are quickly tested among users to receive actionable feedback. In this way, theorganization gains insight into the potential value of a solution at an early on.

Applying the design thinking method

Convinced of the added value of design thinking? Then it can still be a challenge to implement this unique method in your organization. Our innovation management and design thinking workshop will help you with this.

During the design thinking workshop, you will receive practical examples and tools to get startedwith this design thinking method. Our extensive global network provides a source of inspiration to learn from. Moreover, we look in advance at what your organization needs. Together we design a workshop where your employees get the most out of it.

What is design thinking?

For many, no longer an unfamiliar term: design thinking. More and more organizations are applying it in, for example, the R&D department, to achieve innovations in a new way. But what does design thinking mean?

In design thinking you work in a new way on solutions to problems by focusing on the users of a product or service. Organizations that use this method have a continuous focus on understanding human behavior. Where traditional ways of innovating often encounter new obstacles in the final stages, the needs of end users in design thinking are integrated from the start of the process.

In addition to end users, several other stakeholders are involved in the process. This ensures that there is a broad willingness for change. The stakeholders are involved in the process from the start and therefore feel part of the solution, which gives them a sense of responsibility in the implementation and execution of the idea.

Getting started with innovation management and design thinking

Just like a growing group of organizations, discover the value of the design thinking method. Through our innovation management and design thinking workshop you will make a quick start and you will be able to implement design thinking smoothly in the organization.

Wondering how your organization can benefit from design thinking?

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