casus roche

Case: Roche


Roche asked NECXT to support them with various change issues within the organization. Both in terms of inspiration, activation and transformation. What new ways of working can we use and how do we integrate them into the organization in a pragmatic way?


Roche is a large organization. Transformations are therefore complex and challenging. Nevertheless, the organization has a clear ambition to deliver even faster, better patient results. A clear dot on the horizon, which gave NECXT tools to make the right intervention.


At the inspiration level, we have started a large number of inspiration trips for an international workforce at all leadership and employee levels. First inspiring and then co-creating on culture-specific agile tools, techniques and working methods. Agile coaching and leadership transformation coaching and a matching design. In addition, we have introduced new ways of working and effective measuring instruments. An approach that was widely supported by the entire organization and has led to a long-term partnership that continues to pay off to this day.


At the behavioral level, we see substantially more attention for patients, more job satisfaction and better results. The new way of working has been fully embraced by Roche and is considered the new standard. Employees show great commitment and believe in the chosen course.

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