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Case: DHL


Bring the customer and employee satisfaction throughout the organization to a higher level through inspiration and activation. In addition, improve customer awareness.


Show not only the leaders within the organization what the value of CX is, but also the employees who are further away from the top.


NECXT has shown the great importance of showing CX at various DHL locations and in many different departments. This project started with a status check in which it was made clear to what extent CX was used in the right way. In various training courses, a plan was then made for improving the customer experience, this plan was then immediately converted into action. For the middle management it became so clear how much appreciation there is from the customer if he or she recognizes that everything was put in to provide the customer with the best service.

The top of the company joined a number of specific CX academies and undertook an NECXT inspiration trip to Orlando. During this trip, a number of companies from different industries were visited. With an exclusive insight into the working methods of these companies in the field of CX, the management received very valuable inspiration to build on at their own company.


Employee satisfaction increased by no less than 60%. Customer satisfaction also made a substantial turnaround. Where the NPS recorded a negative score of -40 during the first measurement, a huge improvement of +7 was measured after the price change.

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