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    CX Leadership Circle - London

    The CX Leadership Circle (CXLC) knowledge sharing program has been designed to enable customer focused leaders to enhance their capabilities and enable their organizations to achieve their strategic goals.

    The CXLC will provide in-depth knowledge across the CX domain during immersive and practical ‘in person’ workshops from 7 to 9 October 2024. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your personal journey, as well as being able to refine your organization’s approach to CX.

    Together with a small ‘circle’ of peers and colleagues from other organizations and with much personal attention, the CXLC will aim to strengthen your role to make you an even more impactful CX leader.

    The program is curated and supervised by Ian Golding, a pioneer and globally respected expert, speaker, and trainer in customer experience and collaboration with NECXT, customer centricity consultancy.

    Why participate?

    Necxt - participate

    Learn, grow, and excel!

    The CX Leadership Circle program helps CX leaders get to the next level with tools for their leadership style and organization.

    You strengthen your leadership, and you create more impact in your organization.

    Content & direction

    During the CX Leadership Circle, we discuss various CX-related themes with plenty of room to explore side paths and introduce your topics. We also investigate new developments, best practices, publications, and innovations that offer us new insights and can help us move forward.

    Substantive addition based on presentation

    During this training, we will address your personal CX development questions and discuss the following topics, among others:

    CX leadership challenge

    Defining Leadership, Excellence and Personal CX Leadership.

    CX Mission & story

    Strengthen your CX mission and shaping your CX story.

    CX Organization & Governance

    Challenge your CX Organization and Governance with ideal models and other’s approaches.

    CX and partner ecosystem

    Understand how you can involve and motivate stakeholders in your CX strategy.

    CX innovation

    Improve your CX innovation engine and learn from best of benchmarks and inspiring cases.

    CX storyline

    Determine the key points of your CX strategy and translate them into a strong and motivating story that stimulates employees, leaders and other stakeholders to participate.

    CX leadership integration

    How to integrate CX into your overall strategy and learn how others deliver an integrated company approach.

    My CX approach

    We challenge the specific key points of your CX strategy and help you formulate your next steps.

    Connect & Grow

    Necxt - verbind

    To have a platform with like-minded, experienced CX people from other companies to exchange experiences, gain new insights, and reflect on them.
    Go on a unique journey with CX leaders from all over Europe. An opportunity to think about the interpretation of your role and the approach to customer experience within your organization. Collaborating with leaders with the same challenges, goals, and issues creates a platform for brainpower, ideas, and experiences to come together.

    What to expect

    Structured approach

    Through a structured approach, you get a good overview of parts of the CX framework and a better view of your intended approach; this helps clarify where you can make choices for your next steps.

    Strengthen your growth

    Reduce your costs and strengthen your customer experience and growth.

    Become a CX specialist

    Develop yourself as a CX specialist by having your knowledge validated and learning from others.


    Tools to create more impact.

    Latest insights in CX

    Discover the latest insights, best ractices,
    and publications in the CX field.

    Direction in CX strategy

    Provides new energy and gives direction to the current CX strategy.

    Expand your network

    Meet new people in the field and expand your network.

    ‘The improvement engine’

    An approach for continuous CX performance improvement

    Personal attention

    Small group with much personal attention.

    About Ian Golding

    ian golding - necxt

    Ian Golding is not only a CX consultancy pioneer but also collaborates with the most prominent players in sectors as diverse as retail, finance, energy, and logistics. His reputation as an international speaker makes him an authority with many followers in the field. He is the author of several CX publications. Golding also gained fame as the world’s first CCXP Authorized Resource and trainer!

    Location & facilities


    The pleasant Four Acres Leadership retreat in Kingston upon Thames in southwest London will be the backdrop for the CX Leadership Circle. You will be fully cared for and unburdened during your stay in this high-quality leadership location, the ideal environment for reflection and confidential dialogue. Arriving one day in advance is possible. Naturally, all meals are provided, and you can enjoy the wellness facilities you may expect from this leadership retreat.

    For whom

    For the benefit of a uniform group of participants, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Managerial position within the CX field
    • At least 5+ years of work experience within the CX field
    • Good command of the English language.


    • 3-day exclusive CX course with max 15 participants
    • Stay at the beautiful Four Acres Leadership Retreat in London
    • All meals included

    Single participant

    € 2.800 excl. VAT

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    Duo | 2 participants

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    Are you ready for the NECXT step?

    We will gladly tell you more about the contents of the CX Leadership Circle and the possibilities to participate in the next edition. Please contact program lead Nils Schmeling; he will be happy to tell you more about the program and help you with specific questions. Send an email or phone +31 620412172

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