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23-27 september 2024


Together with our American partner, we offer you access to the secrets of excellent service and customer experience. You draw up a strategic implementation plan, which gives you a flying start on the road to Customer Excellence in your own organization.


Customer Excellence is not a theory that you just need to implement in your organization. It is part of the culture, the DNA of your organization and your employees. More than a way of working, it's a way of living. We will introduce you to that way of living during this journey to Customer Excellence. Because by experiencing the most excellent service and customer experience yourself, you can quickly make the transition to your own organization.

The source of Customer Excellence lies with companies such as the Ritz-Carlton,  Disney, Harley Davidson, JetBlue Airlines, Waldorf-Astoria, Whole Foods Market, Orlando International Airport and Apple Computers. Backstage you get insight into how these companies shape the relationship with their customers and continuously exceed their customers' expectations. How they have become excellent, but perhaps more importantly how they remain excellent, sometimes for more than 50 years.

“Other workshops that I’ve been to really focus on the classroom setting and the facilitated theories behind it, but this was so much better – because we got to see face-to-face how it really comes into play.”

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What's in it?

In the evening, under the guidance of the NECXT consultants, you will elaborate all these practical lessons into a strategic plan for the implementation of Customer Excellence in your own organization or your own kick-start of change. Back in the Netherlands, this plan is your strategic guideline to implement the changes in your organization in the field of Customer Excellence.

Proven formula

The program is based on the Orlando Experience developed by our American partner and has been introducing entrepreneurs and managers to the secrets of Customer Excellence in this way for more than ten years. The strength of the formula is that you do not acquire indirect knowledge, but learn from the 'source' and experience Customer Excellence. You get first-hand key information about ideas that have already proven their success in practice. No complicated theories, but concrete tools and proven plans to apply immediately.

NECXT makes the Orlando Experience accessible to the Dutch market. And it is fully in line with renowned methods such as LEAN and the Net Promoter Score®. With the aim to create a culture of continuous improvement and to grow your business faster.

To register

The Orlando Experience takes place twice a year on the basis of open registration, in-company on request. The minimum number of participants is 10.

Are you coming? You can register using the form below or contact us by phone: +31 70 217 33 33

The program

This benchmark journey to Customer Excellence is intended for directors and senior managers of companies. After all, that is where the commitment to Customer Excellence should start. The four-day program starts with a short introduction to the theory of Customer Excellence, followed directly by visits to best-in-class companies. A number of companies are standard on the program, but suitable companies are added based on your needs. For example, B2B companies if you are active in a business market.

We visit a total of approximately 8 customer excellent organizations. The senior management of each company explains their unique way of working and you discover the secrets of these organizations. How do you get engaged staff? How do you keep customers coming back? How do you maintain the service level?

'Excellent examples of how culture, engagement, and empowerment drive success in daily practice.'

'I am very, very happy with this customer experience inspiration tour, this is exactly what we needed right now.'

'Great opportunity to see real transformation in our daily practice.' 

'Thank you NECXT - you're amazing, keep up the good job'

'It proved to me that 'things' can change if the mindset is right.' 

'We were able to feel the mindset and the need to change.' 


Flight by Boeing Dreamliner, Experience, Admission, Local Transport, Breakfast, Lunch and 1 joint dinner included

  • Intake interview with NECXT consultants prior to travelWorld Class
  • Orlando Program. Including approximately 8 company visits
  • Hotel stays
  • Support from Customer Excellence experts & organizational change consultants
  • Transport during the program
  • Entrance to the Walt Disney World® park
  • Access to all benchmark locations
  • Exclusive program gifts
  • Program material
  • Strategic plan for implementation in your own organization
  • Within 1 month after return work session led by NECXT consultants
  • You will stay in a DisneyWorld Orlando Hotel.

Date: 23-27 September 2024
Price: € 5,950 pp excl. VAT

More information

Do you want to know if there are still places available, information about the exact dates or do you want more information about the companies in the program? Mail us using the form below or contact us by phone: +31 70 217 33 33

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