Eveline Erkelens


"I want to offer companies a different perspective"

"My passion lies in inspiring, and in introducing and guiding changes at organisations that want to rediscover and re-invent themselves. I make a strong connection between the organization and the human side of the change by paying a lot of attention to culture and behavioral change. Always from a customer-oriented drive. I believe in renewal from within; starting a conversation with each other, explore and strengthen each other."

Eveline has 20 years of experience, mostly in leading MT positions, of which the last 3 years as an agile leader. As part of a great team, she made an organization work 100% agile. With amazing results. Nowadays Eveline is a much sought-after speaker in the field of Customer Experience Management, Organizational design, Agile Leadership and is a specialist in the field of Agile transformations. She does her work with a passion for organisational behavior, customer innovation and trend development. She loves to inspire, discuss and explore 'taboo' themes; where people and technology, science and organisation meet.

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